Barrington Hills Police Department

Fire Grid Sign Information

Barrington Hills residents receive fire protection and emergency medical service from one of the five following agencies:

Due to the Village’s rural addressing system, each of these fire protection districts has adopted a standardized addressing system to enhance their ability to locate your home in an emergency. Accordingly, every residence should have one of the below signs posted in close proximity to the driveway. In cases of common driveways, a sign should be posted at the street designating the range of addresses on the common drive and then signs for each individual private drive.

The Police Department maintains a database of these addresses, commonly referred to as “fire grids”, and equally relies on them to efficiently locate structures in emergency situations. Accordingly, it is imperative that your fire address sign is clearly legible, clear of snow and landscaping, and that you correct and/or report any issues with it. Please complete the Fire Grid Sign section on the Resident/Business Information form. Should you have any questions about this program or your address sign, please contact Records Supervisor Tracy Morey via email  or via the below listed number.